Most people dislike rats/mice cockroaches and other pests, yet they occur in every conceivable building, irrespective of the use. No matter how sterile a cleaning regime is or how well maintained a building may be, pest control measures are a prudent precaution. Northern Pest Management will provide detailed inspections, expert treatments and a thorough reporting system as part of contracts. Effective pest control is only achieved by regular and thorough inspections. Northern Pest Management guarantees to provide this service. We also offer additional control or field biologists inspections where required. These will be provided depending on customer audit requirements. Pests within these premises are:

  • Vectors of dangerous contamination
  • The cause of costly depreciation
  • Tarnish business reputations
  • Prohibited by legislation


The Managing Director of Northern Pest Management, Luke Summers is proud to have established a trust with his clients. Over five years the passion and commitment that Luke has strived for within Pest Control and Bird Control I has been warmly received. Luke was the Official Falconer to The Royal Open and Birkdale in 2017 which was the ultimate honour. This was swiftly followed by being asked to be the Official Pest and Falconer to Premier League Club Huddersfield Town. Luke is also the Official Falconer to Oldham Athletic which is his home time team. The sole purpose of Northern Pest Management Ltd is to reflect Luke’s passion for Pest Control and Bird Control. Anyone who partners with the business instantly feels Luke’s enthusiasm towards assisting them. Whether it be a wasp nest in a residential property or looking after a multi site food manufacturing premises to BRC standard. Northern Pest Management Ltd strive to be the perfect pest and Bird control specialist.